CrossFit Classes

A 60 minute Group CrossFit Class

If you are new to Crossfit or a seasoned CrossFitter coming into a new gym may be intimidating. Our coaches and members are welcoming and always excited to see a new face! We know from experience some of the most rewarding friendships have come from class.

Our Group CrossFit class is 60 minutes long and typically flows like this:

Introductions and Warm-up: Coach will gather the class to share names and discuss the Workout of the Day and demo the movements. Then the class does a warm up to prime them for their next part of class.

Strength or Skill: Under the watchful eye of a coach we concentrate our efforts on a lift or gymnastics skill. This is where we really work on not only strength but proper technique.

Metcon: (short for metabolic conditoning) Coach will demonstrate all movements and explain the workout. This is the high intensity part of workout! We combine different sports like gymnastics and Olympic lifting. This is where we can really see that “constantly varied” part of CrossFit. Hello, variety and Goodbye, boredom!

Cool Down: Following class we will do some specific stretches before heading out the door feeling accomplished.

And just like that, you will have had possibly the best most efficient part of your day!