Youth Fitness Class

This is a 60 minute class designed for children 8 and older

Here at Iron Athletics we have a heart for getting the youth involved in fitness. Our goal is for them to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This class is for the student athlete looking to build strength, speed, and stamina, as well as the child looking to improve overall health and just get their bodies moving! Here we put the fun in functional fitness!

A great part of this program is how the youth will be linked to an app called Wodify. This app allows them to record their lifts and keep track of their times. There is even a leader board for the workout of the day. This will be explained more upon sign up.

A typical 60 minute class looks like this:

Introductions and Warm-up: Coach will gather the class to share names and discuss the Workout of the Day and demo the movements.

Strength or Skill: Under the watchful eye of a coach here we concentrate our efforts on a lift or gymnastics skill. This is where we really work on not only strength but proper technique.

Metcon: (short for metabolic conditioning) Coach will demo all movements and explain the workout. This is the high intensity part of workout! Children will enjoy some fun workouts while the music is pumping them up and the energy is high. We will do these workouts in groups or individually.

Cool Down: Following class we will do some specific stretches before heading out the door feeling accomplished. We will discuss our favorite part of the hour, share some laughs, and congratulate new personal bests.

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